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  Budget Advisory Committee  
  As an advisory committee to the Superintendent/President, the main function of the committee is to improve the College's budget development process.  
  The committee's function is to review and improve the internal budget processes of the College to assist in making the budget process easier to use and to perform special projects, as requested by the Superintendent/President.  
Reports To
Terms of Office
  Two and three-year terms.  
  Tri-Chairs: Classified & Faculty Senate Presidents or designees & Associate Superintendent, Business Services & Economic Development  
  Ardon Alger (Tri-Chair), Rachel Arciniega, Eric Bishop, Laura Collins, Sandra Collins, Joy Haerens, Erik Jacobson, Dean Jennings, Bret McMurran, Kathy Napoli, Cid Pinedo (Tri-Chair), Theresa Rees, Corrie Verhagen (Tri-Chair), Anita Undercoffer, Rudy Vega  
Meeting Day & Time
  The committee meets the second Tuesday of every month from 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm as necessary, and on an adhoc basis as requested. The committee is dark in the months of July and August.  
  The committee generally meets in BEB-204.  
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  2013-07-10 10:37:13