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Committee Name
  Colleague Steering Committee (formerly known as Datatel Colleague Steering Committee)  
  The purpose of this committee is to monitor and recommend improvements to the District's administrative information systems.  
  This committee will review the ongoing status of Colleague, make recommendations for programmatic enhancements or modifications, review the status of projects in process, and prioritize new projects.  
Reports To
  Vice President, Administrative Services  
Terms of Office
  Members represent all functional areas of the college and can be rotated as appropriate.  
  Melanie Siddiqi  
  Ardon Alger (Alternate), Isabel Bogue, Patricia Bopko, Marie Boyd, Denise Cooper, Leonard Crow, Laura Hope, Kathy Lucero (Interim), Amy Nevarez, Melanie Siddiqi, Giovanni Sosa, Anita Undercoffer  
Meeting Day & Time
  The second Friday of every month from 8:00 - 10:00 a.m. in the Information Services (IS) Meeting Room.  
Record Updated On
  2014-01-29 08:51:56