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  Curriculum Committee  
  The Curriculum Committee is a representative group of professional staff and students that functions as a college-wide committee in concert with the Faculty Senate and in a recommending and advisory capacity to the Vice President of Instruction in matters related to the college curriculum.  
  The committee's purview includes the maintenance and development of a professional quality curriculum as well as the following activities: 1) The systematic review of proposals to change program and course curricula. 2) The investigation of evaluative instruments to measure the effectiveness of program curricula. 3) The regular and systematic review of graduation requirements, transfer certification requirements, and other matters related to the curriculum as a totality. 4) The examination of the curriculum for unwarranted duplication of courses. 5) Course approval delegated to the college by the Chancellor's Office. 6) Annual systematic review of program effectiveness in conjunction with the Program and Services Review Committee. 7) Systematic review of articulation agreements (high school, vocational, and baccalaureate)  
Reports To
  Faculty Senate  
Terms of Office
  Positions are elected and terms vary.  
  Marie Boyd  
  Marie Boyd, Ardon Alger, Robert Hadaway, Annette Henry, Wanda Baker, Tracy Kocher, Susan Bartell, Beverly Cox, Shelley Marcus, Tom Vitzelio, Charmaine Phipps, LA/Vacant, Angela Burk-Herrick, Robin Witt, Kevin Cameron, Julie Song, DE Creasy-Valdez, Jeff Moser, Jenny Dannelley, Daniel Jacobo, John Machado, Michael Dinielli, Laura Hope, Sean Stratton, Deb Reed, Candice Brock  
Meeting Day & Time
  Committee meets every Wednesday during the fall semester and every other Wednesday during the spring semester from 1:30-3:00 pm in the Faculty Senate Meeting Room in the Berz Excellence Building (BEB), Room 204.
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  2014-01-29 11:37:02