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  Marketing Committee  
  The committee provides oversight for coordination and direction of the college's marketing and public relations programs and activities.  
  The committee meets monthly to provide input and direction on marketing, public relations, and advertising as it relates to the college. Committee members discuss strategies, vehicles, and measurement tools used to achieve goals identified by the district and superintendent/president.  
Reports To
Terms of Office
  Members serve a two-year term which can be renewed at the end of their service.  
  Peggy Cartwright, Director, Marketing & PR  
  Susan Bartell, Ben Bull, Lorena Corona, Jill Cummings, Andrea Dutton, Rachel Galindo, Larry Hultgren, James Kerr, John Machado, Kathy Napoli, Nick Nazarian, Sharon Palmer, Roman Stollenwerk (Alternate), Rebeca Trawick  
Meeting Day & Time
  Marketing Committee meets on the third Thursday of the month from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm in the IS Conference Room.  
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  2013-09-24 07:48:39