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  EOPS/CARE Advisory Committee  
  Title V guidelines require an EOPS/CARE advisory committee for the purpose of guiding and supporting the EOPS/CARE Programs.  
  This committee includes representation from the community and the Chaffey campus. It meets approximately once each semester to discuss issues, policies, and procedures related to the EOPS/CARE Programs at Chaffey College.  
Reports To
  Associate Superintendent, Instruction & Student Services  
Terms of Office
  Membership is for three years and may be renewed by mutual agreement.  
  Olivia Sevilla  
  Olivia Sevilla- Executive Director, Bilingual Family Counseling Services, Ontario; Kathy Dutton - Director, Economic Development/Community Education; Sandra Forney - Community Business Person; Cid Pinedo, Associate Superintendent, Business Services & Economic Development; Anita Fletcher, Financial Aid Advisor and former EOPS/CARE Student; Lisa Bailey, Vice President, Administrative Services; Thierry Brusselle, Business Professor; Greg Creel, Instructional Specialist; Vera Dunwoody, Psychology Professor; Lucy Serrano, Counselor; Melissa Utsler, English Professor; Darcel Woods, Correctional Science Professor; Lynda Van Hoof, Administrator, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center; Joanne Nieves, EOPS/CARE Student; Gabriela Layseca-Interim Family Services Coordinator, Montclair Community Collaborative; Christine Flores, Faculty Emeritus/former EOPS Coordinator  
Meeting Day & Time
  Two times annually; once each semester.  
Record Updated On
  2012-11-08 08:55:30