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  Resource Allocation Committee (RAC)  
  To ensure that resources are distributed in accordance with the new Integrated Planning Model framework. To that end, the resulting equipment, software, technology, and budget augmentation requests stemming from the Program and Services Review (PSR) process are sent to the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC). At that time, the RAC will identify available funding sources and prioritize the lists of request from the PSR. Those items with the highest priority will be purchased until the allocated funds are exhausted.  
Reports To
Terms of Office
  Two years  
  Sherrie Guerrero, Associate Superintendent Instruction & Student Services  
  Ardon Alger, Jon Ausubel (Alternate), Lisa Bailey, Eric Bishop, Kim Burden, Bev Cox, Kim Erickson, Sherrie Guerrero, James Kerr, Renee Ketchum, Bret McMurran, Cid Pinedo, Areli Rodriguez, Norma Rojero, Henry Shannon, Melanie Siddiqi, Anita Undercoffer, Corrie Verhagen  
Meeting Day & Time
  Initial goals for RAC are: develop a rubric for prioritizing instructional equipment requests; develop a rubric for prioritizing Perkins funding requests; discuss how grant funding affects prioritization; develop timelines for the new processes; ensure funding decisions are communicated to programs/departments. As the committee convenes and creates these processes, there may be slight alterations to this mission. However, distributing resources based on the Integrated Planning Model will remain fundamental to the mission core.  
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  2013-10-14 12:29:06