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  Economic Development Advisory Committee  
  To support and/or enhance Chaffey's credit programs, respond to business and community needs; assess current projects for effectiveness; identify training areas which should be targeted; enhance Chaffey College's standing as a proactive player in regional economic and workforce development; provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between the credit, not-for-credit, and contract training programs; to be an incubator for new programs.  
  The committee reviews information and advises the department on economic and workforce trends in the community that directly relate to programs Chaffey currently offers or is intersted in pursuing.  
Reports To
  Associate Superintendent, Business Services & Economic Development  
Terms of Office
  2 years  
  Kathy Dutton  
  Elmano Alves, Eric Bishop, Kristen Burleson, Marlene Cianchetti, Kathy Dutton, Sue Herman, James Kerr, Birgit Monks, Joanne Osgood, Alisha Serrano, Debbie Smith, Sandra Sisco, Teresa Thompson, Jacque Wall  
Meeting Day & Time
  The committee meets on Tuesdays every 2-3 months commencing on August 19, 2013 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm; date and location to be determined.  
  Please note the meeting dates are subject to change dependent on committee member schedules. Meetings for the academic year will be decided at the first meeting of the year, August 19, 2013.  
Record Updated On
  2013-10-30 10:00:57